Learn about organic

Organic food is produced in harmony with nature and with respect for the soil. It offers everything in its natural form, contains all the important substances and vitamins. The nutritional value of the food is fully preserved.

Organic farming is a natural way of agriculture. Farmers use neither chemical agents, nor artificial fertilizers, farm animals are kept with respect to their natural needs, without antibiotics and preventive medications.

Only natural fertilizers are used; this preserves the natural soil fertility. Organic farmers' activities have a positive impact on the quality of groundwater and surface water, and on species diversity. Organic farming does not use any genetically modified organisms.

Experience the world of food without chemicals and discover the natural, full taste of food.

In addition to the true taste of organic products, you also buy fair work of everyone involved in the production, a healthier landscape, cleaner water, a richer representation of animals and plants, a natural flavor and, last but not least, your own health.