Our mission


We strive that shopping with us has the least environmental impact. In addition to using organic food, we sort waste, including bio-waste, this way we return the ne- cessary nutrients to the soil. We prefer reusable packaging, we consume electrici- ty from renewable sources and use ecological detergents. We use recycled or FSC paper wherever possible. In the interior, we prefer organic building materials and FSC wood. We think about everything we do, about every purchase and we strive to continually improve.


We care about our customers‘ health, as well as about the environment. That‘s why we cook from organic ingredients without pesticides and food additives. All ingre- dients are used in their basic form, free of dyes, preservatives, arti cial sweeteners, and other harmful substances. We also do not use white sugar and wheat.

Stejně tak dbáme na nezávadnost materiálů v interiéru. Nábytek v kavárně je ošetřen přírodními nátěry, v kuchyni nepoužíváme teflon, PVC, ani silikon. V dětském koutku je nábytek ošetřený včelím voskem. Hračky se snažíme vybírat takové, které neobsahují PVC, nebo jiné škodlivé látky.


We prefer groceries from the surrounding area. For health and well-being, it is good to live in maximum harmony with nature. The season-based menu maintains har- mony with natural cycles and thus a close connection between us and the environ- ment remains preserved. People adapt better to change, are more balanced and more resistant to diseases. Nature is perfect and o ers exactly what we need in the given season. According to our menu you can see, which crops are growing in our conditions at a particular time. Strawberries in June, raspberries in July and apples and pumpkins in autumn. In winter, we use crops that can be stored, preserved, or dried. That‘s why we do not o er fresh strawberries or tomatoes in winter.


Palm oil is obtained by pressing the oil palm fruit. Extensive plantations are rapidly growing at the expense of rainforests and their inhabitants, and thus reducing the number of unique and often endangered plant and animal species. Similarly, more and more greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere when burning forests to establish new plantations. We make sure that the ingredients we use do not con- tain palm fat. More on www.stoppalmovemuoleji.cz


Demand for salmon, tuna and other sh is increasing steadily, while sh stocks are declining rapidly, and some species, such as blue n tuna, are on the brink of eradica- tion. We want these types of sh to be preserved for future generations, so you will not nd, for example, a tuna salad on our menu.


By heating in the microwave, the heated food is degraded and has an unhealthy e ect on health. Equally, exposure to microwave emissions as such, is very harmful to health. We cook our meals exclusively in a classic way.

We believe that our clients are able to make reasonable choices with regard to their health, the environment, to people in production and with respect to the future of our planet and to further generations.